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Japanese 2 2017 - Post Beginner

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Course Information

Mount Fuji

Wednesday Evenings 6.30-8.30pm

This course is mainly intended for those who completed the beginners' course recently. If you studied basic Japanese some years ago and are not confident in using particles properly, then you are advised to take the level 1 course. Prerequisite: you should have a sound knowledge of Hiragana (reading and writing), and knowledge of Katakana is desirable.

The course runs for 20 weeks, 2 hours per week.  The price of the course will be added during the registration process.  

Course Fees are:

Students registered in 2016-17: £95
LU and LSU Staff, Alumni, Campus Partner Staff and Concessions (pensioners, job seekers etc) registered in 2016-17: £125
General Public registered in 2016-17: £155
Students: £125
LU and LSU Staff, Alumni, Campus Partner Staff and Concessions (pensioners, job seekers etc): £155
General Public: £185
Discount for anyone registered in 2016-17:£30 (already applied to the returner rates above). No more than one discount can be applied per year.

Any refunds should be requested in writing to languages@lboro.ac.uk by Friday 13th October at 4 pm. A £20 fee will be applied.

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Course Dates

11th October 2017 – 9th May 2018

Places Available


Course Leader

Maki Ueda-Rabone
Course Description

Level 2 introduces new grammar structures and focuses on how to express topics relevant to daily life, such as inviting someone to do something together, asking favours of people (imperative form), asking for permission, and so on. The course also introduces cultural aspects in order to understand the background of the language and people.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Giving and receiving things
  • Invitations, suggestions, requests, giving and asking permission, etc.
  • Giving and receiving directions
  • Travelling
  • Skills and preferences.

On completion, you will be able to:

  • Say what you are doing and where you are working
  • Invite people to do things together
  • Find the way to where you want to go
  • Tell people what you would like to do
  • Make requests in a hotel, restaurant, taxi, etc.
  • Talk about your skills and interests

This course assumes that learners have previous basic knowledge of the language, such as verbs (-masu form) and their conjugation with appropriate particles, and adjective conjugation. Learners are expected to have had approximately 80 hours of previous study: 40 hours’ contact time and 40 hours’ personal study. You will have covered “Japanese for Busy People I” L1-14 or equivalent.

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