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Contact Angle Measurement - Per Hour Charge

Contact angle measurement machine



Per Hour Charge for use of the Contact Angle measurement equipment.

LMCC has a DataPhysics OCA 20 which provides the capability to determine contact angle measurements, it can calculate the surface and interfacial tension of liquids by means of a pendant drop method or for high-viscous materials by use of a Lamella method. The main advantage being its relative ease and quickness of operation.

Contact angle measurements are useful for wettability and surface free energy estimations on a range of solid surfaces. These studies are important to a number of industries including painting, printing, adhesive bonding, polymer processing and manufacturing. A commonly used method is the sessile drop technique to study wettability. In addition, advanced and receded contact angles can be measured and the difference between these, the hysteresis, can give an indication of surface chemical heterogeneity and roughness.


Detailed Description

If you would like to obtain the specifications of the systems available please visit the LMCC’s website (www.lboro.ac.uk/lmcc). If you would like any advice on which analytical service can provide you with the best results for your specific investigation or an estimate of how long the analysis will take, please contact us, we will be more than happy to help.

LMCC’s primary aim is to support materials research within the Materials Department and the University as a whole. However, supporting industry by providing specialist services is also seen as a very important part of LMCC’s activities.

The quantity of this product purchased will be equal to the number of hours you have on the system. The cost includes a trained operator to help ensure you get the maximum benefit from your analysis. At the end of the session we shall provide you with any data generated during the session on a CD or USB memory stick. 

The online store is a method for pre-paying for time on the analytical equipment available within LMCC. The price is solely for the use of the analytical equipment for the given time period. In order to get the maximum benefit out of the session the sample needs to be prepared correctly. If you have any concerns regarding sample preparation please contact LMCC, we also provide a sample preparation service (at an extra cost) if you would prefer us to handle this.

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